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Discount Trenolab-A 100 Price

Trenolab-A 100 - Trenbolone Acetate - 7Lab Pharma, Switzerland 68.25 USD 91.00 USD

Trenolab-A 100

Androgen; Anabolic Steroid; Androgen Ester; Progestogen
Active Ingredient: Trenbolone Acetate
Concentration: 100 mg / mL
Price For: 10 mL Vial
Brand: 7Lab Pharm

Customer Reviews

Feb 17, 2020 (01:43)

Great clean product. Using it 100 mg's everyday for 8 weeks. It's was a very potent tren. Next time I run tren I will be buying from 7lab.

Feb 8, 2020 (17:24)

This is a great product, I have been running it about 4 weeks, Noticing great results, as my diet is also on point so the changes are drastic!

Dec 19, 2019 (08:04)

So Im not a big guy in my opinion but im 225 and now that Ive had this Tren Im 225 ripped. This Tren Ace is nothing to play around with and will make you adjust your thinking for the better. After the first 3 pins I would notice especially after my showers that my vascularity became intensified to the next level. Trails of veins in my thighs and arms unlike anything that I had previously witnessed. Massive pumps that kept their volume for two days after making me continue to look swollen as if I had just did some heavy lifting with tons of reps. In the gym my focus was heightened, my sweats more intense, and my time in between sets I was winded, which was some what of an adjustment for me as I speedball normally through my workouts. No tren cough as Ive never had that but I pin extremely cautious slow slow slower is my motto. I didnt experience the cough but I did experience being locked in, massive sweats and some trensomnia. I found a way to rid the inability to sleep with sleeping pills however the dreams I were having were just down right different. It was funny as I couldnt wait to sleep just for the dreams. I used this product taking .07 of a cc eod and that was effective for me and also gave me a little bit of chest acne. Product is top notch and not to be taken lightly. This Tren is legit as the vascularity is amazing which still surprises me to see so many trails of veins. Im already on the lean side but now Im on the veiny and ripped side which is awesome to see especially in my calves which are reaping the rewards of 200 calf raises a day. This Tren also seems to impact my libido and agressiveness, I can sense myself wanting to act like a prick sometimes but Im strong minded knowing that the Tren must be working giving me that extra sense of self. Nothing to play with but awesome to discover. 7Lab doing it the right way

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Original Trenolab-A 100 by 7Lab Pharma

Trenolab-A 100 contains 100 mg of Trenbolone Acetate and is brand product of 7Lab Pharm.


  • Duration of Action: 1-1.5 Days
  • Recommended Dosage: 200-700 mg/week
  • Acne Manifestation: Rarely
  • Water Retention: No
  • High Blood Pressure: No
  • Aromatization: No
  • Hepatoxicity: Yes

Trenolab-A 100 belongs to the group of powerful anabolic steroids that allow an athlete to achieve a marked increase in strength indicators, maximize and “dry” muscle mass. This drug burns the fat layer by stimulating the synthesis of growth hormone, and increases the level of insulin-like growth factor in the body (up to two hundred percent).

The half-life of Trenolab-A 100 (Trenbolone Acetate) is not high, and side effects are not common with reasonable dosages and are usually easily prevented by adjuvant ancillaries. Decomposition products after usage are detected in the body for 6-7 weeks.

This is an original drug manufactured by 7Lab Pharm that has a fake protection system. To verify the original origin of this steroid, go to the official website.

This drug has powerful anabolic and androgenic activity (400% and 200%, respectively, in relation to the anabolic and androgenic activities of testosterone). The main action of it historically (in veterinary medicine) was aimed at maximizing the increase in muscle mass and appetite of livestock. Subsequently, representatives of track and field athletics, bodybuilders and other athletes became interested in this drug.

Trenolab-A 100 in bodybuilding and powerlifting is used to dry and explosively increase strength, increase athlete's stamina. Among its effects are a decrease in cortisol during the course, which helps to weaken catabolic processes, and an increase in libido / sexual activity (directly on cycle).

The molecule of the active substance of this drug is a modification of the steroid nandrolone, to which acetate is attached. This is one of the popular trenbolone esters, which allows to achieve significant progress in sports performance in the shortest possible time. The best choice for urgent preparation for competitions if you are not afraid of doping tests.

Instruction for injections, notes the high progestogen activity of the drug, absence of toxicity to liver and aromatization. Acetate ester after injection is active in the body for 1-3 days, gradually decomposed by plasma lipase enzymes. Without the addition of ester, the steroid molecule would instantly show its activity, which the athlete simply would not have time to use. The artificially extended period of the substance’s entry into the blood allows you to make less frequent injections and maintain the necessary level of the hormone.

The cost of Trenolab-A 100, of course, is not low, but in terms of price-quality ratio, all costs will pay off in full. This is one of the most effective anabolic steroids for quality muscle growth and strength, not subject to aromatization. This means that it is deprived of such common side effects of steroids as gynecomastia and water retention.

Athletes often use combinations of this drug with Stanolab-50 or Boldelab-200 in order to achieve greatest result in growth of lean muscle mass. Such combinations are very effective, and at the same time relatively safe.

Possible Side Effects

Trenbolone cycle is a good solution for experienced athletes, but it should be remembered that this steroid significantly reduces the production of their own testosterone. Of the side effects from taking it, the following are also common: acne, greasy skin, high blood pressure, insomnia, aggression, and others, including associated with high androgenicity.

Usage and Dosage

This steroids is recommended exclusively for men in view of the high androgenic activity. Usage by women, even at the minimum dosages, is usually not recommended due to the risk of developing virilization symptoms.

The dosage of Trenolab-A 100 for men is usually from 50 to 100 mg every other day to maintain the concentration of the active substance in the blood. If you're using this drug more than 4 weeks, it is absolutely necessary to include Proviron-Lab or even gonadotropin into your cycle. This will avoid serious side effects associated with reduced testosterone production.

The action of this steroid was appreciated by many, therefore its usage is widespread, both among professionals and among amateurs. More experienced athletes can use a dosage of 50 mg daily, or 100 mg every other day. Beginners are recommended to start the course with small doses in order to check the reaction of their body and make sure that it is well tolerated.

Trenolab-A 100 from 7Lab Pharma performs well when is used solo, but its combinations with analogues are also highly effective. The most popular are stacks with Stanolab-50, Boldelab-200, Testolab-P 100, Turano-Lab 10 or even Oxano-Lab 20. Often it is combined with a longer-acting anabolics and androgens, including extended testosterone esters.

This cycle will achieve maximum efficiency in combination with sports nutrition for mass gain and intense physical exertion. In combinations with ephedrine and Cleno-Lab 40 are undesirable.

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