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Discount Proviron-Lab Price

Proviron-Lab - Mesterolone - 7Lab Pharma, Switzerland 37.50 USD 50.00 USD


Androgen; Anabolic Steroid
Active Ingredient: Mesterolone
Concentration: 25 mg / pill
Price For: 50 pills
Brand: 7Lab Pharm

Customer Reviews

Apr 4, 2020 (14:26)

I run proviron with ANY cycle i do from now on. It gives me just a TINY boost physically. More importantly than that his blend is the PERFECT AI. I took 1 every other day and i got bloods pulled while 5 weeks in and my test was >1500 and my estradiol was 27 which is the PERFECT number, not to high not to low!

Mar 19, 2020 (03:14)

The proviron was a nice surprise to my use. At a minimal 25mg Ed in the am it but my free test at a nice 18.4 (range 8.7-25.1) we all know what free test is for build muscle time ooooh yeah buddy! Another thing it raised my DHT levels to 139 (range 30-85) that could be the proviron in my system or the test cyp converting but anyway it's welcomed in my book as a good sign.

Mar 15, 2020 (07:55)

I took the Proviron twice a day and it seemed to complement the test very well. I gained a hard vascular look and did not need to take the Aromasin at as high of a dose without.

Mar 10, 2020 (11:11)

The provi seems to be doing it's job. I run this @25mg's a day for every 250mg's of test I run per week. I feel it really compliments the test well allowing you to run less test and taking care of estro conversions. I've had no signs of high estro @500mg's a week of test.

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Original Proviron-Lab by 7Lab Pharm

Proviron-Lab contains 25 mg of Mesterolone and is brand product of 7Lab Pharm.


  • Duration of Action: 12 Hours
  • Recommended Dosage: 25-100 mg/day
  • Acne Manifestation: Yes
  • Water Retention: No
  • High Blood Pressure: No
  • Aromatization: No
  • Hepatoxicity: Low

Proviron-lab by 7Lab Pharm is an oral steroid. Main active substance is Mesterolone, a derivative of dihydrotestosterone with moderate (even weak) anabolic and strong androgenic properties. The degree of function of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) is very high, which allows this substance to increase the concentration of free testosterone in the blood and improve the effect of other steroids taken on cycle.

Mesterolone completely blocks the estrogen receptors in the body and, thus, slows down the conversion of steroids susceptible to aromatization into estrogen. In medicine, it is a fairly popular drug. It is prescribed to patients with loss of strength, male infertility, psycho-vegetative disorder. As for athletes, Proviron-lab is most often used in bodybuilding after a course of strong androgenic steroids to treat the effects of suppressing one's own secretion of testosterone and its recovery.

Main Effects

  • Aromatase block.
  • Increased libido on cycle.
  • An increase in the level of free testosterone in the blood.
  • Improves shape of muscle fibers.

Proviron-lab's anabolic activity is at the level of 40% of testosterone, androgenic is twice as high (150%). Solo this drug is used very rarely. For example, on cutting to reduce body fat.

Usage and Dosage

In medicine, the dosage of this drug with a decrease in potency or its complete absence, as well as psycho-vegetative disorders, is 75 mg daily. After the dynamics become positive, the dosage is reduced to 25-50 mg. Proviron-lab cycle itself lasts several months. When forming secondary sexual characteristics or hypogonadism, it is advisable to take this steroid at 50-100 mg three times a day (with a decrease in dosage after the formation of positive dynamics to 50 mg). Patients suffering from low sperm motility and infertility are advised to take 50 mg three times a day for three months.

For athletes and bodybuilders, the maximum daily dosage should not exceed 150 mg, and the duration of the entire course is 12 weeks. To prevent the estrogenic effects of steroids, take 50-100 mg of Proviron-lab daily in combination with 10-30 mg of Tamoxi-lab. The same amount of the drug is recommended to eliminate such side effects as tren-dick, deca-dick, and the alike. Although women are not recommended to take Proviron-lab due to its high androgenic activity, 25-50 mg daily, along with 10-20 mg of Tamoxi-lab, burn fat deposits very effectively.

Possible Side Effects

Exceeding the recommended intake for this strong androgenic drug is not recommended. Instructions for Proviron-lab indicate the following possible side effects if the dosage is exceeded: increased hair growth on face and skin, acne, oily skin, in women - virilization, changes in the structure of the skin, irregular menstrual periods, an increase of clitoris. If side effects occur, this steroid must be immediately withdrawn.

Bodybuilders note the absence of such "side effects" as aromatase, water retention, hepatotoxicity. Positive reviews about Proviron-lab from women indicate that in moderate dosages and a reduced cycle, it can be included in the training of those athletes who urgently need to reduce weight and / or reduce body fat.

Reviews about Proviron-lab when used in combination courses suggest that this drug quickly restores the secretion of your own testosterone by the body.


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