Dianobol-Lab Cycle (Beginners) - 10 Weeks - Methandienone - 7Lab Pharma, Switzerland
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Dianobol-Lab Cycle (Beginners) - 10 Weeks

168.75 USD 225.00 USD

This Cycle Includes:
- Dianobol-Lab: 200 Pills (10 mg/pill);
- Anastro-Lab: 50 Pills (1 mg/pill);
- Clomi-Lab: 50 Pills (50 mg/pill);
Brand: 7Lab Pharm

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This cycle includes:

 - Methandienone: 7Lab Pharm (Dianobol-Lab) - 200 Pills;
This cycle is used to quickly gain muscle mass. In this case, you will reach up to 10 kg in increase, but after the course it will go from 4 kg (this is water).

 - Anastrozole: 7Lab Pharm (Anastro-Lab) - 50 Pills;
It allows you to get rid of aromatization, prevents water retention, minimizes the risk of gynecomastia.

 - Clomiphene Citrate: 7Lab Pharm (Clomi-Lab) - 50 Pills;
It increases the production of body's own testosterone after its inhibition on steroid cycle. Reduces side effects.

A classic Dbol cycle with the addition of Anastro-Lab + Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT). A good option for a quick and effective build of muscle mass for a beginner athlete. With its help you can get: athletic appearance, increase in strength indicators, 8 to 10 kg of mass to the total weight, accelerated recovery after training, relieve pain in the joints and spine.

Usage and Dosage

We recommend that you take lab tests for LH, FSH, Estradiol, Prolactin, Testosterone total, free, as well as AST, ALT, Bilirubin, and DHT before taking anabolics.

For 6 weeks take Dianbol-Lab, from the second week you need to add an antiestrogen, but before that you need to take an analysis for estradiol and prolactin and, according to the analyzes, we adjust the rate of taking Anastrozole. After taking Dbol, we do PCT in 2-3 days, we take Clomi-Lab 50 mg every day for 14 days and 12 days for 25 mg. After the entire course of AAS + PCT, we pass tests that we passed before the course and see that the values ​​are within normal limits.

Week Dianobol-Lab Anastro-Lab Clomi-Lab
1 40 mg/day
2 40 mg/day 0.5 mg/eod
3 40 mg/day 0.5 mg/eod
4 40 mg/day 0.5 mg/eod
5 40 mg/day 0.5 mg/eod
6 40 mg/day 0.5 mg/eod
7 50 mg/day
8 50 mg/day
9 25 mg/day
10 25 mg/day

*Eod - Eache other day.

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